Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine Review

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2017)

Bissell Big Green Carpet CleanerFed up of spending hours cleaning your house carpeting? There is now a solution to the problem in the Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine which has a reputation for cleaning carpets extremely well. It’s especially popular amidst pet lovers as it effectively cleans and removes pet stains, vomit and urine and its smell from not only carpets but also upholstery.

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Patented scrubbing technology

The DirtLifter Powerbrushes is Bissell’s patented technology which loosens and quickly lifts out deeply lodged dirt and grime from the carpet fibres. As the cleaner works in both backward and forward passes, it reduces your cleaning time without compromising on suction and drying time.

This Bissel sprays and thoroughly scrubs and suctions while cleaning the floor with each pass. Hot water can be used while cleaning as it is more effective at removing dirt and though stains.

Bissell Big Green Fast dry time

This carpet cleaner is designed to direct hot air from the machine motors to quicken the drying process. Moreover its suction power is strong and sucks most of the discharged water.

This helps dry most odors in about 3 hours, which is relatively quick when compared to other carpet cleaners. Of course, the actual dry time of the floor depends on factors like the type of carpet being washed, air circulation, humidity and temperature.

Separate water tanks

Separate water tanks Bissell Big GreenThis machine has separate clean and dirty water tanks which it not only hygienic while cleaning, but also makes filling and emptying the tanks so much easier.

Its 1.75 gallon capacity is much higher than the normal 1 gallon capacity of most regular grade cleaners, which reduces your tank refilling time. The tanks have an easy-to-monitor indicator for easy and quick checking of water levels while cleaning so that you never run out of water solution while cleaning.

Power and structure

This device weighs 40 pounds, runs on a 12 amp motor and has two filters. One is its upper body filter for the vacuum and another, a debris filter on the lower base. The machine is made using durable and high quality material to make the machine so sturdy to use.

Adjustable tank handle

It is possible to select a suitable height for handling the machine through its adjustable tank handle. The handle also makes pushing and manoeuvring the machine around so much easier.  


Its 6” hand tool helps clean stairs, upholstery and stains while its 9’ extendable hose helps reach hard-to-reach areas. The foldable handle makes storing the carpet cleaner easier as it uses less space.

Easy to use

Easy to use carpet cleanerDespite this tool being a commercial grade carpet cleaner, it’s very easy to use as it requires no assembly. It can be quickly and easily set up by just filling its clean water tank with water and detergent and then adjusting the machine’s height as required. The machine has a few controls and knobs to use and understand and offers a 10.5” cleaning path. With its 25ft cord, there is less plugging and unplugging while doing your cleaning.

However like most heavy-duty carpet cleaners, it can be rather challenging manoeuvring the Bissell Deep Cleaning Machine. It weighs 41 pounds before filling the solution and collection tanks, so is presumably much heavier when full.

While you may need good upper body strength or at least a friend who has around if you need to clean multiple levels of your home, many consumers do mention that it’s carrying handle makes it pushing the machine around relatively easy.


While most of the carpet cleaners available in the market offer 1-2 years warranty, the Bissell offers 5 years limited warranty.


  • A professional device, spots which can’t get out, won’t come out
  • Large capacity tanks carries 1.75 gallons of water, which is larger than most carpet cleaning machines
  • Power brushes effectively clean even thickest carpets.
  • No assembly required.
  • The presence of indicators let you know when the dirty tank is filling up and detergent empty.
  • Weighs only 40 pounds, not much heavier than most vacuum cleaners
  • Handle when folded down is only 25 inches for easy storage in a closet.
  • Comes with a 5 year limited warranty
  • Comes with a six inch side stair tool and nine foot hose for cleaning upholstery which are easily attached and remain on while working
  • Cleans as well as steam cleaners and professional spot removing machines.
  • Its dual motor not only moves the carpet cleaner across the floor but also sucks out all moisture from the carpet.
  • Quick drying by suctioning out moisture and hot air ensures you quickly get a dry carpet.
  • Its 25 foot power cord facilitates cleaning of most rooms without any unplugging.
  • Comes with a 24 ounce deep cleaning formula
  • Save cleaning time cleans in both directions which means you need to make fewer passes.


  • No water heater which many don’t consider a problem as the water remains hot during the cleaning process.
  • No edge cleaner but has a six inch cleaning attachment to clean carpet edges.
  • May not be a good choice for the extremely tall.
  • No convenient storage for its long hose. A solution is carefully folding the hose after each use.
  • A bit on the bulky side, but as the machine handling is ergonomically designed; it’s easy pushing the machine around while cleaning.
  • More expensive than most carpet cleaners but in exchange, you get better cleaning power, longer warranty and freedom from common complaints and thus a longer lasting machine.
  • Gives best results only if Bissell’s deep cleaning detergent is used, and not other brands of detergents.


Taking all these features, pros and cons into consideration, the Bissell Big Cleaning Machine 86T3 is the perfect carpet cleaner for serious homeowners who want their carpet clean all the time and people with pets and kids periodically messing up carpets.

The carpet cleaner cleans better than most regular grade upright carpet cleaning machines as it brushes deeper and more thoroughly to effectively clear out stains and dirt. So though its’ on the expensive side, this is a worthy investment to maintain your carpet’s cleanliness and hygiene!


Warranty 5 Years
Surface Type Carpet, Upholstery, Low Pile Carpet, Stairs
Heater No
Cleaning Path Width 10.5″
Weight 51.1 pounds
Power Source Corded
Brush System Rotating, DirtLifter PowerBrush
Power Cord Length 25′
Hose Length 9′
Tank Capacity 1.75 gallons
Stain Tools 6″ Stain Tool
Color Green

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Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine Review
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