Bissell Little Green ProHeat Compact Multi-Purpose Carpet Cleaner, 14259

(Last Updated On: August 11, 2017)

Review of Bissell Little GreenThe Bissell Little Green ProHeat is not a steam cleaner but a multi-purpose wet-cleaner which deep cleans. Small and portable, it gives you fresh and stain-free carpets easy without any blotting and scrubbing. The machine’s cleaning power is its portable carpet cleaning formula and its strong spray and suction.

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Compact in size and weight

The Bissell Proheat is perfect for a homeowner to use and carry around the house. It’s comfortably built to weigh less than 10 pounds, and is thus easy to haul around. It’s also compact in size, making it easy to store it after use.

Bissell Little GreenAccessories

The Bissell Little Green has many handy accessories to use in your cleaning endeavors like its handy crevice tool. It helps reach the dirt and grime in all the difficult to reach places which many of its competitors cannot reach. In fact, this crevice tool is a Godsend to people suffering from OCD!

Its 3” stain tool is also great to use for scrubbing out all the deeply embedded stains. While you may have to get on your hands and knees to use this short tool, it’s well worth the efforts as all the stains do get eradicated.

The Bissell ProHeat compact also comes with a trial sized cleaning formula which many continue using for its effective cleaning powers and properties. While it may seem like a selling gimmick to many, the fact that it cleans well makes it well worth it.

Built-in water heater

One of the many plus points of this device is the presence of a built-in water heater unlike most other products which don’t have one. It is the presence of this water heater which heats water which proves helpful at removing stubborn stains without any unnecessary strain or hassles. The cleaning results after using the Bissell ProHeat is thus more than satisfying.

Affordably priced

Another reason for the increased popularity of this portable washer is its price. While many may hesitate at buying a cheap product, it’s not the case here as this is a carpet cleaner which cleans very well for its price as it comes with so many amazing accessories.

Water tank size

The Bissell ProHeat has small sized water tanks, which can be a potential drawback to some people. Each tank carries only 48 ounces of liquid, which can be rather small for people who live in large dwellings and commercial establishments.

While you may have to constantly fill and empty the while cleaning big premises but not while cleaning small homes and apartments. As it’s easy to fill and clean, it nullifies its small size effects disadvantages to an extent.


  • Has a built-in water heater which heats water up to 25 degrees to use the power of heat at removing stains
  • Comes with a flexible hose, tough-stain brush and spraying crevice tool
  • Its powerful spray and suction helps clean and dry carpets in one step to save time


  • Some complain the machine leaks water either when in use or in storage
  • Many find its fan spray to be too wide, which covers more than the spots and areas needing cleaning
  • Suction power may not be very strong, but if held properly, it’s easy to get it right

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Bissell Little Green ProHeat Compact Multi-Purpose Carpet Cleaner, 14259
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