BISSELL PowerLifter PowerBrush Upright Deep Cleaner, 1622

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2017)

Review of Bissell PowerLifter Upright Deep CleanerThe Bissell PowerLifter PowerBrush Upright Deep Cleaner 1622 is a compact, affordable and lightweight professional cleaner perfect for use in small apartment owners and pet owners. Though it may not be that powerful a carpet cleaner to clean large areas, users favour it for its affordable price and apt cleaning features.

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This device uses Bissell’s patented DirtLifter PowerBrushes to deep clean your carpets. It’s comfortable handle design and lightweight nature makes carrying the appliance from one room to another so easy.

Purple in color, its maintenance is easy and minimum as it doesn’t easily get dirty. Unlike the bulky carpet cleaners, the PowerLifter PowerBrush requires small storage space, which is just right for a modern apartment-style home.

Dirtlifter brushes

Bissell Dirtlifter brushesThe Bissell deep cleaner has a unique rotating brush with 4 rows of deep cleaning PowerBrushes to thoroughly clean carpets from the deepest carpet recesses. Its brush bristles are stiff and configured in a wavy manner which help scrub out the toughest stains and most stubborn dirt. The scrubbed off dirt is then sucked in to leave a clean carpet which looks like new! 

2 in 1 water tank

The Bissell 1622 has a 2-in-1 water tank design where a single tank has separate dirty water and clean water with solution compartments. These compartments of the 0.75 gallon tank are separated by a filter bladder where the dirty water remains in the outer portion, and the clean water and solution in the inside plastic bladder.

The dirty water that the cleaner sucks back up from the rug or carpet gets stored in the outer water tank surrounding the inner water bladder. Not many like this feature, but it works well and contribute to the cleaner’s compact design.

Though the tank is small, it cleans about 75 square feet of carpet before refilling. Some find cleaning a 2-in-1 tank more difficult than a dual tank which is why you need to check how to clean the tank first before using it, to avoid leaving messes.

Bissell PowerLifter Powerful motor

This tool has a motor with power ranging from 3.0 to 6.25 amps which is why and how the carpet cleaner can deep clean and suction like other Bissell carpet cleaners.  Its suction power is so strong that it sucks out even minute particles for a quick and efficient cleaning.

Hot water cleaning

Bissell Hot water cleaningThough the Bissell 1622 does not have a hot water heater, its cleaning efficiency can be increased by filling the clean water ‘bladder’ tank with hot water. As the tank is small and you don’t have much time for the water to cool off while cleaning carpets, make sure you don’t use boiling water.

It can be dangerous for both you and the carpet cleaner if you do. Before using hot water for cleaning human or animal urine stains, do remember that while hot water helps with the cleaning, it can worsen the odor of these urine stains. It’s thus better to clean these stains with cool or lukewarm water, or use a specialized Bissell cleaning solution to clean them.

Cord and accessories

The Bissell PowerLifter PowerBrush has a 20ft. Cord which helps reduce plugging and unplugging time while cleaning big rooms. The built-in measuring cup provides for easy measuring of water and detergent so that’s there no wastage. All new Bissell PowerLifter carpet cleaners come with a 16 oz. starter cleaning solution bottle.


The machine is so easy to assemble and so user-friendly that even old people can set it up within 2 minutes and start using it!

Wide cleaning path

Its inbuilt nozzle creates an 11 inch cleaning path which is rather wide, and not bad for a compact machine. This reduces the number of passes needed over the carpet which in turn makes your cleaning job easier.

Lint grain screen

The lint screen is an accessory which ensures the cleaning nozzles and internal water bladder doesn’t end up clogged with lumps of lint which accumulate while cleaning carpets.


  • The Bissell DeepClean 1622 runs smoothly and is comparatively quieter than other carpet cleaners.
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Its inbuilt nozzle creates a wide 11” cleaning pathway to minimize cleaning time and effort and drying time.
  • Its four cleaning rows in the DirtLifter brush help scrub and lift dirt, stains and hair from carpets.
  • So user-friendly even elder people can easily use it.
  • Affordably priced for its features and size
  • It’s 2-in-1 water tank is partly responsible for the carpet cleaner’s compact size.


  • Its small water tank makes cleaning large rooms a laborious task.
  • Tough stains have to be pre-treated else it’s difficult removing them completely.
  • While it effectively cleans messes, it’s not great at picking up pet hair.
  • No tools to help reach hard-to-reach areas.
  • No heat wave technology to automatically heat water in the cleaner.
  • Its one year limited warranty is short if compared to the other Bissell carpet cleaners which offer 2-5 year warranties.
  • Does not have any upholstery hose or attachments for cleaning stairs or couches, nor are there any connections provided for them. So it can’t be attached with attachments for cleaning upholstery and audio carpets and seats.
  • A dedicated carpet cleaner, it works best only with Bissell cleaning solutions. Its warranty is in fact voided if any damage occurs while using other branded cleaning solutions.


This clener is the perfect machine for small apartment owners, pet owners and housewives who regularly clean leaks and spots. Lightweight in design and easy to use, this carpet cleaner gives excellent and amazing cleaning results which are hard to conquer at an affordable price.

However it is not a great choice for cleaning heavy, full sized carpets as it’s brush is small and tank are small. This increases the time and effort spent cleaning large carpets. Despite this fact, it has successfully remained in the market for more than six years with an excellent reputation and loads of positive reviews from customers. All this justifies and gives reason to buy and invest in the Bissell PowerLifter PowerBrush Upright Deep Cleaner, 1622.

BISSELL PowerLifter PowerBrush Upright Deep Cleaner, 1622
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