Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro Carpet Deep Cleaner, FH50220

(Last Updated On: August 11, 2017)

hoover Carpet Washer DesignCleaning carpets and rugs is no longer a daunting task with the Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro Carpet Deep Cleaner, FH50220 around. This is a machine which deep cleans carpets just like professional units. It is today a popular alternative to regular carpet cleaners as its lightweight, has a modern design with some advanced features and is more affordably priced than before.

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This machine is the preferred choice mainly for its pressurized jet cleaning feature which proves really helpful at removing pet stains. Along with its wide path cleaning ability, cleaning efficiency is increased.


The device is made of durable plastic and easily withstands everyday use without any signs of wear and tear. It is lightweight at 9kg., compact in size and economical in storage space.

Don’t be fooled by its size as its 10amp motor generates so much power that it’s comparable to professional grade models. It has so strong suction power that it lifts carpet stains and dirt. To top it all, it delivers such a strong burst of heat to quickly dry up your carpet.

Patented SpinScrub technology

While other Hoover carpet cleaner use SpinScrub technology with 5 brush heads, the MaxExtract carpet deep cleaner has an added advantage with its 6 brush heads with 60 counter rotating bristles.

These brush heads attack and loosens stains and dirt from all angles without damaging your carpet or upholstery. Its wider 13” cleaning path width offers 20% more coverage area. All this is what makes this tool a leader in the market.


A constant and relentless spray helps remove all the dirt missed by the SpinScrub mechanism. Adding a detergent solution to the water deep cleans the carpet and removes any odours to give your carpet a nice and fresh smell. Any detergent residue is hen eliminated through rinse mode.

Dual v nozzle quickens drying time

The MaxExtract’s dual v nozzle provides suction power to help suck out all the water from floors and carpet into the dirty water tanks, to help with the drying process. Along with the heated air feature, quickly dries carpets out after a thorough cleaning.

Smart Tanks System with separate clean and dirt water tanks

Cleaner Smart Water TankThe Hoover’s system has different water tanks for clean and dirty water which can be drained and removed individually. While the clean tank holds 1.15 gallons of water, the dirty tank carries 1.10 gallons of water. This is a preferred feature over single tank carpet cleaners having two compartments.

As the tanks are made of a transparent material, you can keep a watch on the cleaning solution/water and waste levels. This is a helpful feature while cleaning large areas as it helps you make adjustments and refills without major interruptions.

Separate detergent compartment

With the separate detergent compartment, you can pour as much detergent as required for deep cleaning your carpet and save any leftover detergent for the next use. Moreover, the Max Extract’s automatic detergent system ensures optimal cleaning results by providing the perfect water and detergent ratio.

Rinse mode

The rinse mode proves helpful at cleaning off  the excess soap from the carpet as desired. This is a popular and necessary feature if there are pets and children around.

Easy to use

The Max Extract 60 is easy to use as it has a sturdy design which ensures good usability. Handy controls, easy refilling and emptying of water tanks and easily attached and use hand tools all make the machine so easy to use.

Hoover Max Extract 60 Adjustable speed control

The adjustable speed control of the Hoover Pressure Pro 60 helps adjust the speed as required while cleaning different floor surfaces. Moreover, the Spill Pick-Up mode endures you don’t scrub in spills.

Multiple accessories

Hoover Multiple accessoriesCleaning stairs, furniture and upholstery is so much easier with the Pressure  Pro’s 9’ hose and upholstery tool which are so easy to attach. It can also be used for cleaning car upholstery and mat.

Though these accessories are universal, these accessories are rather durable and sturdy. Its 16 oz. bottle of 2X Clean Plus Carpet Cleaner and deodorizer provides for a much better clean and eliminates foul odour.

Long cord

The 20 ft cord helps provide better flexibility and accessibility while cleaning bigger spaces as there is no need of frequent plugging and unplugging.


People with a variety of surfaces installed in their home will love this machine. This cleaner can clean varied surfaces like carpets, stairs, throw rugs, sofas, tiled floors and even sealed wood flooring.


  • Spin Brush and PressurePro features provide for better cleaning than most Hoover carpet cleaners.
  • Tanks are easy to align and snap in place while hand tool attachments are intuitive and easily accessed and use at your fingertips.
  • As the Hoover Max Extract is a wide path machine, it covers more area with each stroke than most carpet cleaners.
  • Helps save detergent with its separate detergent compartment
  • Heated air feature quickly dries carpets.
  • 2 year limited warranty which is honoured by Hoover company.


  • Can be difficult for some to manoeuvre as the MaxExtract is rather big and heavy in size
  • The package does not include a powered SpinScrub hand tool.
  • Absence of multiple brush head speeds.
  • There is no auto rinse mode; it has to be manually turned on for carpet rinsing.
  • Works best only with Hoover branded detergent. Warranty is voided if the use of a different brand leads to erosion and component damage.


In a nutshell, the Max Extract 60 Cleaner effectively eliminates carpet stains and dirt. Though compact and lightweight, it has remarkable power. It is easy to use and can be customized as per your needs, leaving a favourable impression on any shopper. While it may not be meant for use in commercial establishments, it is definitely a worthy investment for residential use!


Warranty 2 Year(s)
Safety Rated UL 
Heated Cleaning Yes 
Cord Length 20 Feet
Grip Type D-Shaped Handle 
Hose Length 9  Feet
Hose Type Blow Molded 
Motor Amps 10 Amps
Clean Surge No 
Nozzle Width 13 Inches
Removable Brushes Yes 
Removable Nozzle Yes 
Rinse Manual 
Suction Technology Dual V 
Wet Nozzle Brush Type Spin Scrub Brush 
Assembly Required Screw Driver 
Clean Water Capacity 147 Ounce(s)
Product Weight 21.85 Pounds
Cleaning Solutions Included 16 oz Clean Plus 2X 
Tools Included Upholstery Tool 

Download Manual (2.57 MB)

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Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro Carpet Deep Cleaner, FH50220
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