Best Carpet Shampooer ReviewsIf you have carpets at home, and are wondering if you would rent or buy a carpet shampooer, buying is always a better option, especially if you have small kids or pets at home or lots of carpeting which requires frequent cleaning.

You never know when your kids or pets may stain or dirty your carpet, and renting a carpet cleaner every month can work out to be rather expensive! Not only do you have to pay for renting it, but also for the fuel and time spent bringing the machine home!

If there are too many stains on your carpet, you will have to clean it regularly. In such cases, buying a carpet cleaner is always a better and cheaper option as regular shampooing helps keep your rug fresh and clean. However with so many brands and models to choose from, you may find this guide helpful at choosing the best carpet shampooer!

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Picture Name Children, Pet & Earth Friendly Cleaning Surfaces Our Rating
Review of Carpet Miracle

Review of Carpet Miracle – Carpet Cleaner and Deodorizer


Yes Carpets & rugs to furniture & auto uph. 5.0
Review of Bissell 78H6B Deep Clean Pro

Review of Bissell 78H6B Deep Clean Pro 2X Deep Cleaning Concentrated Formula


Yes Cleans to remove soil and stains, protect carpet from future stains 4.8
Review of Hoover CLEANPLUS

Review of Hoover CLEANPLUS 2X 64oz Carpet Cleaner and Deodorizer, AH30330


Yes Cleans carpets, area rugs, upholstry, and car interiors 4.7
 Review of Rug Doctor 05039

Review of Rug Doctor 05039 Pet Care Carpet Cleaner, Combo Pack


Removes pet stains & odors, deters remarking
Review of Shark Carpet Cleaner Carpet Shampoo

Review of Shark Carpet Cleaner Carpet Shampoo Concentrate for use with Sonic Duo


Yes Removes 4X more stuck on dirt vs vacuuming alone, includes Activating Pretreater Carpet Stain & Odor Remover

Different types of carpet cleaners

There are basically three types of shampooers available differentiated mainly by its size and function; they are upright and portable models and multi-function cleaners.

  1. The upright models for carpet cleaners work like vacuum cleaners, but are a bit more expensive and bigger option. They are however very convenient to use if you have large areas to clean and so is a wise investment for a person with a large office or house. Moreover, these carpet cleaners usually come with additional useful accessories and features.
  1. Portable or handheld models are obviously easily carried around and smaller in size. They are thus less expensive, and are great to use for cleaning not only your home, but also automobiles. They are also great to use for emergency spot cleaning.
  1. There are also multi-function or two-in-one cleaners which vacuum and wash your carpets, so that you needn’t invest in an additional vacuum cleaner. These carpet cleaners may be a bit expensive, but if you are short in space, they prove to be a wise investment. Moreover, most of these cleaners can compete with a vacuum cleaner’s cleaning power.

How carpet shampooers work

Carpet shampooers come with a tank which holds carpet cleaners. This tank is attached to a flow-house which runs from the tank to the brush-area. Brushes here scrub your floor while spinning at a high speed to work the shampoo into the carpet’s surface and in the process, eliminate embedded debris, dirt and tough stains.

However check the list of ingredients of the carpet cleaning solution you use to ensure it is safe to use with your carpet cleaner. It’s also not advisable to use too much of carpet cleaning solution. These solutions are concentrated and so a small amount goes a long way. Too much of the solution only leaves residue on your carpet, and leaves you with additional work of blood stain removal.

To be on the safer side, don’t immediately use the solution on the entire carpet. Instead, just test it on a small, unnoticeable part of the carpet first to find out if there’s any reaction in the carpet. You can use it on the entire carpet if there’s no reaction and it’s safe.

Features to look out for in the carpet shampooer

  • The machine should be easy to use

When you speak of easy to use, it not only means that the machine should have easy to understand features, but should also be light enough to carry around your home. If the machine is too heavy, it’ll be tedious carrying the machine around and thus, make carpet cleaning difficult. This can prove uncomfortable if you have to clean your carpet regularly.

Check its size as there’s no point in investing in a large machine if you have narrow hallways and tight spots in your house. It may be impossible cleaning carpets in these areas, making your investment a waste.

  • Brush style

There are two types of carpet shampooers; machines with fixed or rotating brush styles. While the machines with fixed brushes are best used for grooming carpets and spreading the shampoo, machines with rotating brushes are better for cleaning heavily soiled carpets as they scrub the carpet clean. However the brush rotating action of these carpet shampooers can damage fragile carpet fibers.

  • Additional attachments

It’s always better investing in carpet shampooers which have attachments to make cleaning upholstery and stairs easy. Machines offering handheld attachments and extension hoses help while cleaning your upholstery and stairs.

Do check the length of the machine’s cord so that it reaches the nooks and corners of your home. You don’t want to invest in a machine where you have to constantly use extension cords to reach faraway places.

The crevice tool makes cleaning of narrow spaces and tight corners easy while the detergent spray which comes with some machines help at pre-treating tough stains before washing the carpet.

Cleaners which offer dry vacuuming lets you pick up debris before washing the carpet.

The handheld brush makes cleaning stairs, upholstery and other carpeted surfaces easy while a turbo tool feature comprises of a handheld rotating brush which you can use to deep-clean all the areas you can’t reach using the main floor head.

Machines with water tank heaters clean carpets better as the water is warmed before cleaning while the auto mix feature in some carpet cleaners automatically mixes water and detergent to thus save you the time and hassles of doing this yourself.

  • Price

While price may not be considered to be a determining factor, you need to check prices so that you can afford to buy the shampooer you plan to buy. Look for something reliable and affordable so that you don’t end up overspending and messing up your budget and calculations. Similarly, the cheapest carpet cleaner in the market may not be the best buy.

Most of the time, the cheapest shampooers are ineffective at cleaning, and are only a waste of your money. Then again, there are also some expensive carpet cleaners too which do a poor job of lifting grime and leaves your carpet scabby. You basically have to fix a budget for the shampooer, and then look for a shampooer within this rate, and which has all the features you require.

  • Power

As you will want to shampoo your carpet because it’s dirty and stained, you need to buy a shampooer which has sufficient suctioning power to remove pet urine, pet hair and debris stuck deep within the carpet crevices. Even if this feature may mean a slightly more expensive machine, the extra money and expenditure is worth it.

  • Your home floors and size

Choose your carpet shampooer based on the size of your home, and the amount of carpet to be cleaned. If you plan to use the shampooer only for cleaning small stains or spots, then a small machine will suffice.

However if you are looking for something to clean your entire home, you need a full-sized cleaner as it quickens your cleaning job so that you quickly complete your household chores and get time to attend to other work.

Besides the amount of carpeting, you need to buy your shampooer based on your other flooring as any hardwood floors and linoleum flooring in your home cannot be cleaned just with carpet cleaners. You need a machine with a hard-floor attachment and if you buy a machine without this attachment, you will just have to buy it separately.

  • Proximity to a service center

While most carpet cleaners and shampooers come with a warranty, it’s useful only if you use the warranty. And the chances of your using it is higher if you live near a service center you can turn to help whenever required.

It’s not realistic, or reliable an option to keep shipping the shampooer back and forth when it requires repairs. So you can save time and fuel in the future if you buy a shampooer with a service center you can easily and quickly access for repairs and services.

  • Spot cleaning feature

If you have children or pets at home, it’s better to invest in a shampooer with spot cleaning features as it proves helpful and useful at removing stains on the carpet. However be careful of shampooers with spin bars which may help cleanse better, but may in the process lead to some wear and tear on the carpet.

So in a nutshell, there are so many features to look out for, but no fixed criteria for choosing the best shampooer. This is because everyone has their own needs and requirements and every home and office is different.

You just have to make a knowledgeable decision by going through reviews and testimonials to learn more about the machine through first hand user experience. It’s only with the right research and effort while researching these devices will you eventually find the best carpet shampooer for your residential or office carpet cleaning needs!


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