Suede is a beautiful material which radiates class and sophistication. No matter if it’s a pair of suede shoes, a handbag or a couch, owning something suede tells the beholder something about you and your style.

While handbags and shoes are easier to handle as you don’t use them on a regular basis, a couch needs some regular maintenance and care as you will be using them every day. This is because while suede may be beautiful, delicate and soft to the touch, it VERY easily gets ruined and stained if not taken care of properly.

Moreover, it’s not easy to clean as suede is a delicate material, and has to be cleaned using the right products and methods. In fact, just water and dirt is enough to change its look. Any damage on the Suede Couch (Microfiber Couch) looks gray and dark which is why suede needs so much maintenance.

To top it all, a Suede Couch (Microfiber Couch) in a family room faces the risk of spills and stains from drinks, snacks and even body oils. While regular cleaning helps remove most stains, its important stains are removed as quickly as possible. The longer the stain remains on the suede, the deeper it sets into the couch to make it even more difficult to remove.

So here is a rundown on how you should clean your Suede Couch (Microfiber Couch) and retain its sophistication and suavity for a long time to come!

Give it a thorough vacuumingGive it a thorough vacuuming

The first thing you should do is give your Suede Couch (Microfiber Couch) a thorough vacuuming to remove hair, crumbs, loose dirt and lint. If it’s a new couch, you should first vacuum it and then use some protective measures to prevent spills and stains. In case of a relatively older couch, you still have to first vacuum it and then give it a thorough and rigorous cleaning.

The best way to vacuum your Suede Couch (Microfiber Couch) is by vacuuming it in a cross fashion. It’s better if you vacuum using your vacuum’s brush attachment and in case of tight spaces like in between cushions, use the crevice tool.

Dust it regularly

In addition to vacuuming your sofa, you also have to regularly dust it to keep it clean for a longer period. All you need is a normal dustier or cloth to carry out your dusting. After vacuuming and dusting, you can also use a suede brush to remove any small debris and dust.

Change coversChange covers

Any slipcovers on your Suede Couch (Microfiber Couch) has to be removed and changed. There’s no point in just cleaning your sofa if you don’t remove its covers and wash them at least once a month. You can machine wash the covers in a gentle cycle and then dry it in a dryer. It’s not practical drip drying the cover as there is a chance of the suede stretching.


Clean stains as quickly as possible

It is important that you clean any stains on the couch as quickly as possible using a towel, paper towel or suede cloth. Wipe off the stain as quickly as possible and do not let the fabric soak up the liquid as if it does, it becomes flat and ugly.

All you need is a damp sponge for spot-cleaning. Just squeeze a sponge of excess water and then gently rub the light stain out of the suede. If required, add just a drop of dish soap to the stain to help remove the stain and then let the couch air dry when done.

While removing stains, you need to first scrape off as much of the stain as possible using a plastic spoon or a toothbrush. Then mix some mild detergent with water in a bucket and after agitating the water, use a soft cloth to apply ONLY suds, and not water, to the stained area.

Then blot to lift the stain; this is when you will notice some of the stain getting transferred to the cloth. Continue blotting the stain using more suds and the clean portions of the cloth. Blot with a clean cloth and let to dry once the stain is completely gone. Restore the nap by brushing with a suede brush.

You can easily remove smaller, dry stains just by erasing them. First try using a brown eraser to gently rub the stain away and if it doesn’t work, a fine sandpaper works just as well at rubbing the stain away.

How to clean pet urine and other stainsHow to clean pet urine and other stains

  • Pet urine stains are to be blotted up using a soft cloth till there is no visible liquid on the suede’s surface. Then using a second cloth, blot but do not rub the area with vinegar. This done, sprinkle some baking soda on the pet urine area and let the stain dry. Once dry, use your vacuum’s brush tool to vacuum the baking soda.
  • In case the couch has marker and ink stains, use a cotton ball and isopropyl alcohol to remove it. Just dampen but do not saturate the cotton ball with isopropyl alcohol, and then use it to blot the ink and marker stains till it’s removed.
  • In case of heavy stains, sprinkle some dry carpet cleaners onto the stains. Work the crystals into a powder using a soft cloth and rub out the stain. The cleaning crystals can be vacuumed off when done.
  • There are various commercial cleaning solutions which you can use to clean your sofa. As different suede-cloth tend to react differently to cleaners, it is always better to test a small and hidden area of the couch first before using it to clean the entire couch. This helps you ascertain if the cleaner produces any adverse effects to the suede’s color or texture.

Additional tips for removing stains on Suede Couch (Microfiber Couch)

  • You can a try using a moist cloth and vinegar to remove stains on your couch. Dip your terry cloth in white vinegar and then rub the stain not in a circular manner, but in a crisscross manner. Rubbing in a circular manner only ends up darkening the stain.
  • Another option is dipping a cloth in alcohol and then rubbing the stain. Alcohol reacts much differently with the stain than vinegar and in fact, gives a better result as it quickly evaporates. However like anything else, it’s better if you don’t use too much of alcohol on your suede.
  • If all of the above don’t work, you can try using a suede shoe cleaner to remove stains. Though this cleaner is designed for cleaning thick suede shoes, it also gives great results with suede (Microfiber) couches. However to be on the safer side, it’s better to check the manufacturer’s manual to check the make and endurance of the couch.
  • Avoid using heavy and strong cleaners to clean your couch as it can thin the suede and make it hard to touch. Light stain removers are a better choice as they do not harm the cloth’s texture.

Some tips to remember about Suede Couch (Microfiber Couch) care

  • As suede is a delicate fabric, it is always better to first read its manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning your Suede Couch (Microfiber Couch). This is because any violations you make risk in your warranty getting void.
  • Spraying the Suede Couch (Microfiber Couch) with a protection spray helps protect the couch. However do not point the spray too close to the couch as it only stains your couch. Hold it at least 6-8 inches from the edge of the couch and spray the spray sideways.
  • Even a stain repellent keeps your couch clean by protecting it. Stain repellents are formulated to repel stains, help maintain fabrics longer and make it much easier for you to clean. It’s worth investing in a stain repellent if you have young children who may periodically spill food and drinks on the couch. With a stain repellent, you get some extra time to remove any stains before it absorbs deep into the couch and becomes difficult to remove.
  • Keep the area where your Suede Couch (Microfiber Couch) is placed well ventilated so that its surrounding air in the area is not saturated with chemicals.
  • Do give your couch at least 10 -12 hours of drying time after cleaning it with solutions or coating it with protective sprays to see its results.
  • As the nap is what gives suede its’ beauty, look and texture, it has to be maintained well. Do this by brushing the suede with a suede brush so that any dirt and liquid on the couch doesn’t change its look. Failure to do this will only end up with the nap looking dull and losing its smooth finish.
  • You can keep your Suede Couch (Microfiber Couch) in top condition by steam cleaning it with a professional grade steam cleaner. Just ensure the steam cleaner has sufficient suction to remove all the water and soap used for cleaning purposes.

With all these cleaning tips and instructions, you will be able to maintain the luxurious and prized possession of yours, your Suede Couch (Microfiber Couch). Develop a habit of cleaning your couch regularly, immediately cleaning spills and protecting it with a stain repellent and your couch will serve you well for a long time to come.

How to Clean Suede/Microfiber Couch/Sofa
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