Shark Sonic Duo Floor & Carpet Cleaner, KD450WM

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2017)

The Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner works on a cleaning system which removes visible dirt. Then a special cleaning solution and a rapid scrubbing action effectively and quickly removes the dirt stuck deep in the carpet. Besides cleaning carpets, this carpet cleaner also cleans and polishes hard surfaces and hard floors.

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Sonic Duo Cleaning Solution

The cleaning solution used here is a low moisture one; so there’s no need of waiting an hour or more for the carpet to dry after cleaning it. There is no need to fight suction with the Sonic Duo as its micro fiber cleaning pads makes the cleaner glide effortlessly over the surface to be cleaned.


  • Easy to maneuver as it’s lighter than most carpet cleaners and there’s no need of carrying around water tanks filled with water. Its swivel steering provides for additional maneuverability.
  • Can be used to regularly clean both carpets and hard floors to remove accumulated dirt and dust and keep allergens and odors at bay. It also effectively cleans pet stains.
  • The low moisture cleaning solution used with the Shark Sonic carpet cleaner ensures quick drying of the carpet after cleaning.
  • The micro fiber cleaning pads help the Sonic Duo glide over surfaces to be cleaned so there’s no need of fighting powerful suction.
  • The headlights illuminate the poorly lit areas while the cleaning pads and solutions
  • Unlike most cleaners which provide disposable cleaning pads, the Sonic Duo comes with washable and reusable pads which saves you time and money. The pads are color coded based on its intended use. Hard floor pads have a green trim while carpet pads, a purple trim. Even the cleaning solution and some of the machine’s parts are color-coded to make it easy configuring the machine to the task.


  • While its cleaning solution brings out the best in the cleaner, it can be difficult to find.
  • Though the Shark Sonic Duo does a superb job at cleaning all types of floor surfaces, it may not totally remove grout. Many users thus end up manually scrubbing to clean the grout.
  • The Shark Duo head’s low profile may at times end up with the machine turning off while laying the handle down to reach under furniture.
  • Shark does not recommend using the machine on floors with oil or wax finishes and highly worn floors.

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Shark Sonic Duo Floor & Carpet Cleaner, KD450WM
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